Choose from these plans:

Clear View

You have a clear view of our tower at 111th Ave & 68th St in Casco Township.  You are lucky!

If you're not sure, we'll use our drone or other technology to check this for you.

Tall Tree

Trees block the view of the tower.  We will work with you to solve this through a tall pole or small tower. 


Sometimes Tall Tree people move to the Good Neighbor plan, so check it out.

Good Neighbor

You live in a small cluster of homes and one of you has a clear view.

Cooperatively, you can all connect privately and securely. The Good Neighbor gets a discount for hosting equipment.


You'll get 10 Mb service from April to October,  and 1 Mb service from November through March. 


Use the internet to monitor your home security while you're away.

Included with every plan:


  • Unlimited data, and we won't slow you down

  • 10 Mb download speeds at $85/month

  • Customized installation based on your situation

  • Our router, which we hook up for you

  • A local number you can call for help and service

  • Online billing and payments

  • No contract

  • That good feeling that comes from buying local!

Contact us for service or more info:


Clear View Plan

This plan is for households with a clear view of our equipment mounted on the tower--no obstructions from trees.  The view might be from your roof or an area in your yard.  We have a drone and a lift to measure precisely.


Our team can install the receiver onto your roof or install a post and bury the line (no deep trench required) within 300' of your home.

Installation for this plan is $200.

Tall Tree Plan

Tall Trees require a custom install.  We will work with you.  Getting above the tree line may require installing a small tower (100' or less) which can be costly.  Existing tall structures such as outbuildings are opportunities!


Be sure and check out the Good Neighbor plan if you have nearby neighbors.

Installation for this plan may exceed $200.


The Good Neighbor Plan

This plan is designed for small clusters of homes--2 or more--where the signal can be bounced from one point to a neighboring house, requiring only one clear view connection.  Each home has a secure and private router with its own 10 Mb service. 


Talk with your neighbors about joining up together to benefit from this plan.  You can solve someone's problem and receive a discount of $10/mo for every neighbor connected when you host the equipment.

Installation charges will be determined by the situation.


The Cottage Plan

Designed especially for second home owners, this plan provides you excellent wifi all season long, and lets you monitor your cottage while away.  


Priced at $85/mo from April to October, and $10/mo from November through March, The Cottage Plan provides 10 Mb service during the season, and 1 Mb during the Winter--enough to monitor if the furnace is working and the cottage is secure.

Standard installation of $200 applies.

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