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Choose from these plans:

Standard Plan


We'll provide you with 20 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload if you have a clear view of our equipment in several places around the region.

If you're not sure, we'll use our drone or other technology to check this for you.

Lite Plan


This plan offers 10 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload.  It's great for small households and folks who aren't heavy internet users. 

If you're not a gamer and you want great wifi on a budget, this is for you.

Good Neighbor

$10 off/month

You live in a small cluster of homes and one of you has a clear view.

Cooperatively, you can all connect privately and securely. The Good Neighbor gets a discount for hosting equipment. We reward cooperation!

Cottage Plan

You'll get 20 Mbps service from April to October,  and 1 Mbps service from November through March. 


Use the internet to monitor your home security while you're away.

Included with every plan:


  • Unlimited data, and we won't slow you down

  • Speeds of 20 Mbps or 10 Mbps, your choice

  • Customized installation based on your situation

  • Our router, which we hook up for you

  • A customer portal for requesting help and service

  • Online billing and auto payment options

  • No contract

  • $200 installation fee; if equipment breaks, we replace it

  • That good feeling that comes from buying local!

Contact us for service or more info:

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Standard Plan

Standard Plan

This plan features 20 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload.  It's recommended for households who stream on multiple devices, game, work from home, rent to others and/or have kids. We do require a direct view to our equipment from your roof or an area in your yard.  We have a drone and a lift to measure precisely.


Our team can install the receiver onto your roof or install a post and bury the line (no deep trench required) within 300' of your home.

$85 per month, no additional fees

Installation for this plan is $200.

Lite Plan

This plan is for the light internet user.  10 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload is plenty for streaming, checking social media, and using the web.  If you're in need of reliable internet but aren't a gamer, and you're a household of one or two people, this will fit the bill.  If you discover that 10/2 Mbps doesn't meet your needs, you can always upgrade to 20 Mbps for that smart TV and your other internet connected devices.

$50 per month, no additional fees

Installation is $200.

Lite Plan

The Good Neighbor Plan

This plan is designed for small clusters of homes--2 or more--where the signal can be bounced from one point to a neighboring house, requiring only one clear view connection.  Each home has a secure and private router with its own service. 


Talk with your neighbors about joining up together to benefit from this plan.  You can solve someone's problem and receive a discount of $10/mo for every neighbor connected when you host the equipment.

Installation charges will be determined by the situation.

Good Neigbor

The Cottage Plan

Designed especially for second home owners, this plan provides you excellent wifi all season long, and lets you monitor your cottage while away.  


Priced at $85/mo from April to October, and $10/mo from November through March, The Cottage Plan provides 20 Mb service during the season, and 1 Mb during the Winter--enough to monitor if the furnace is working and the cottage is secure. 

​Standard installation of $200 applies.

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