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Frequently asked questions

​​​​We are part of an association.  Can you help us?

Yes, we have been actively meeting with associations.  A cooperative solution is better for everyone.  One option in the coming year(s) might be a single mini-tower of approximately 100' that pulls the signal to your community, with a fiber connection to each home.  We will work with your residents to address needs and costs.  Fiber is possible in more densely populated areas, and fiber may be required in more densely treed areas.

​I am not served by your towers.  Are you going to expand?

Yes, we do plan to add more towers and equipment mounts adjacent to our current area.  Please help us with our expansion planning by submitting your contact information through our website.  We are mapping the contact we have from under served and unhappily served people in the area that stretches from M-89 southward to south of South Haven and eastward to Geneva, Lee, & Clyde Townships. 

​How does your pricing compare to other options?

Our price is less than satellite (once you get past satellite introductory offers).  We are also lower than neighboring WISPs (Wireless Internet Service Provider).  Plus, we don't require a 2-year contract, and we have no add-on charges for equipment.  For unlimited data with no contract, the capacity to stream, and our tremendous service record, we believe our pricing is fair.  Plus you have a local person to contact if and when you have service issues.

​Is there any way you can make this more affordable?

We participate in the FCC's Lifeline program. If your household income qualifies you for this program, we will provide the additional discount available through this program. We have also applied to participate in the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program.


Our quality internet allows you to confidently give up your landline and use wifi calling on your smart phone to make clear calls over Rural Gig wifi (through a setting on your phone).  If you have a smart TV, you can also subscribe to streaming services rather than a paid TV service and likely enjoy significant savings. 

I have a question that's not answered here.  What should I do?

Please contact us through our web form.  While we all have day jobs, we read these messages throughout the day.  A return phone call might take a day or so.  Please leave a message at 269-767-1013.  Thanks for your interest in Rural Gig broadband internet service!

How big is the equipment?

The picture on the left is the receiver that will be mounted to your roof or side of your home, or a pole in your yard.

The picture on the right shows the equipment used to bounce the signal to your neighbor, for the Good Neighbor plan.

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