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The reason for Rural Gig

Rural Gig LLC was formed in the Spring of 2018 after 3 local residents, Julie Cowie, John Sokel, and Will Hart, approached Casco Township, Allegan County, MI about internet options.

Julie and John work from home and are frustrated with available options that are expensive, offer a poor signal, slow down after hitting data limits, and don't keep up with ordinary demands.

Knowing that a fiber optic cable runs through our community, we decided to tap into it and become an internet service provider for our community while getting better internet for ourselves.

We explored other options first--asking cable and DSL providers to expand, pursuing a millage, or levying a special assessment--and none were feasible.  If you'd like details on that process, contact Julie.

Our Team
Julie Cowie,  CEO

Julie has been a community problem solver since moving to Casco twenty years ago.  A former Casco Township Trustee and Clerk, she was responsible for writing the grants and having the patience to secure the Casco Township Nature Preserve. Julie was also one of the Farming Founders of Lakeshore Harvest Country, our local agritourism trail.  She works for GVSU's Richard M. & Helen DeVos Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

John Sokel, CTO

John was one of the originals at Orbitz and has worked at 8 tech startups since then.  A five-year resident of Casco, John works for a Chicago-based tech startup that is revolutionizing the air and hotel industry.  He and his wife Ann live near Stuller cemetery on 64th in Casco, with a nice clear view of the tower.  Our Chief Technology Officer, John leads all technical issues for Rural Gig and we'd still be hanging out waiting for files to upload without him.

Will Hart, Operations

Will Hart, Improvisational Craftsman, has been fabricating solutions to problems his whole life.  Whether working with metal, wood, or canary reed grass, Will knows how to craft a clever and efficient solution to the problem at hand.  Will has built homes, boats, fountains, furniture prototypes, artisan cheese presses, and Artprize whirlygigs.  His craftsmanship shows up all over the community. 

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by web form, phone/text: 269-767-1013, email or via our Social Media channels.

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