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High Speed internet service for

SW Allegan & NW Van Buren Counties


Rural Gig LLC is a wireless internet service provider (WISP).  We transmit from a tall tower to a receiver mounted on to the roof of your house or nearby pole.  Unlike satellite, there is no lag.  Unlike a wifi hotspot, we offer unlimited data and won't throttle your connection.  We are problem solvers and will work with you and your location to get you connected to great internet.


We are using new technology because we live and work here and seek excellent connectivity. The speeds we offer allow you to stream, participate in webinars, and game. 

team cropped.jpg

The Rural Gig team, meeting with a lakeshore association to discuss internet options.  L to R, John Sokel, Will Hart, & Julie Cowie.

Rural Gig was formed by 3 local residents, Julie Cowie, John Sokel, and Will Hart, who are collaborating to solve our rural internet problem after years of frustration with weak signals, overage charges and poor service.  We have become wireless internet service providers, tapping into the fiber optic cable running through southwest Allegan County. 

Julie is the former Clerk from Casco Township.  She was the founder of Lakeshore Harvest Country, the region's agritourism trail.  John was an original with Orbitz and has been involved in 8 tech startups during his career.  Will is the Improvisational Craftsman, whose problem solving is evident all over the community.


Unlimited Data

Broadband speed every day of the month and no data threshold.  Stream Netflix, participate in webinars, and use the cloud!

We're local

We live here.  We'll measure the height of your trees.  We will respond to your emails, call you back, and show up for the install.

Simple Plans

We offer straightforward plans, requiring no contract, with convenient online payment options.  Mail works too.

New Technology

We are using new equipment and following developments in the industry.  Our attitude is, our community deserves great internet.

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