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Two years old

We are celebrating 2 years in business. It was sticker shock on an iphone bill--data overages--that propelled us into business. And the best part about serving our community-- apart from finally having the internet service we've been hoping for--is the community. We have been embraced by our neighbors who trust us for their internet service, and we appreciate it very much. They also are willing to share their experiences with others, so we get referrals. In a small community like this, word travels fast.

We know our rural area has been overlooked for good service, and many folks on our inquiry list are still waiting because our own expansion hasn't been quick.

Here's Allan Ridley Sr who became our customer after our first expansion--onto a telephone pole at the Casco Fire station. He's holding a Thank You cash card for $40 for referring a neighbor to us. Thanks to you in the community--customers as well as folks who live around here and who've heard good things about us and choose to repeat it. We appreciate your support and look forward to continually bringing 21st Century internet speeds to the region.


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