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Expansion plans

After a cold winter we are looking forward to getting back up on towers and expanding our service area. We are pleased to announce collaborations with two entities: The South Haven Area Water Sewer Authority, which has granted permission to be on the South Haven Water Tower, and Scenic View Dairy, where we'll be mounting equipment on their water tower on the east side of 62nd.

Rural Gig equipment will be mounted to the Scenic View Dairy water tower on 62nd in Ganges.

This expansion allows us to reach areas of south Casco near Baseline Rd as well as points east along Phoenix and northern Van Buren County.

The Scenic View tower helps us serve folks on the east side of Casco and Ganges as well as the west side of Clyde and Lee Townships.

It'll be June before service is available due to the need to mount additional equipment on our main tower. That process is long and slow due to an engineering review. But we're coming! Please complete our web-based form if you are interested in our service.

Rural Gig equipment will be mounted on to the South Haven Water Tower


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